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MySettings (not available)

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Developer: JQ Soft

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The best toggle settings tool. Note: This App may create icons on your homescreen w/out notification


MySettings is currently not available for download from Google Play Store

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It's a beautiful tool that allows you to quickly enable or disable different settings.
This version with ads (bookmarks permissions need only for ads). MySettings Pro without ads.

JQ Soft on Google+ -

This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen.

Size: 502k; Requires Android : 3 and up. pname=jqsoft.apps.mysettings .apk

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  • Easy to Use
  • Awesome
  • Able to put on SD
  • 1 app to get to all your settings
  • All in one
  • Worth the Money
  • I'd Pay For More
  • Annoying Ads
  • Get Quick Settings
  • Very annoying ads
  • Stupid its just like the settings already on my phone
«Kinda slow» by sexymuffin15
«Easily accessible functions» by ARC
«Needs a way to adjust media Volume» by Bounu
«Easy to use» by Hitman
«almost same with quick setting» by nihtwyscan
«Easy to use» by sexymuffin15
«The most usefull more explaination needed.» by lodikrad
«Easy to use» by dma2678
«Simple and easy» by ahartman29
«Volume control! Jeess» by SirPickles
«Not very good» by meangreen
«Repetitive» by T-Rivvv
«I would pay for it» by Mario
«I say it's better than quick settings.» by DBudde
«Runko havahtui» by Lokki
«App now uses highly questionable Airpush which spams your notification bar with ads.» by Eug
«Simplemente accesos directos» by Alz
«Easy to share» by Mario
«I don't know what you think of the» by Mario
«Has airpush ads. Unacceptable.» by Ryfro
«Awesome simple widget!» by Armia
«Easy to use» by Minith
«Very good app» by Pelleteuse
«simple yet the best..» by Nirel
«Slows phone running system down (dramaticly), even after uninstall phone is slower,malware,S. Moment» by Jake
«It's amazing,fast,and efficent» by Brinks
«Nuisance ads in notification bar, this app uses airpush to spam you.» by Davehemm
«No 4g for rezound» by Lacer
«Great App!»
«++++++++++» by Drki
«it is good»
«it is good»
«it is very easy»
«Quick to change setting» by Yolann
«Not enought info included» by Oneloudkat
«Too simple» by Oneloudkat
«Looksn goodn keyoad»
«I like it becoz it useful»
«easy to use with the nice and clear interface» by Yolann
«it sucks no option really» by Lenna
«Thank you for all the free apps»
«very good application»
«It works fine Thanks» by Bebo
«Dont like this app» by Xchantallix
«It's the best»
«Quick and easy accessibility.»
«Really cool app» by Kaydrag
«Does th job» by Timstar
«Nice looking easy to use» by Fordaddict
«Its just good» by Jeremy
«Great lots of features»