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Developer: Hydra Softworks

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OMG! Button offers a seemingly endless array of silly quotes from TV and movies, from South Park to Star Wars. Free; displays a banner ad.


OMG! Button! gives you access to wide range of Internet sound memes. Each sound is assigned to a specific button.
InstansFun on Android device.

You can support developing of OMG! Button! buing ad-free premium version OMG! Button! BMF Edition

New feature: Now you can place button as WIDGET on desktop. To add WIDGET go to desktop and press: Menu button -> Add -> Widget -> OMG! Button! and pick up wanted sound.

Features: Add to Favorites, Set as Ringtone/Notification/Alarm.

CSI Yeahh!, Bird is the Word, R2D2, Balls of steel, Dramatic chipmunk, Keyboard and Nyan cat, Angry Birds, Gangnam Style, South Park, Harlem Shake, Pulp Fiction sounds and many others.

App2SD Warning: When aplication is on sd card widgets dosn't work. It is platform depended issiue. If you want widget move OMG! Button! to phone memory.

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To check full sound list go to

Size: 29M; Requires Android : 9 and up. pname=com.omgbutton .apk

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  • Nice sounds
  • Very amusing
  • Some great sounds
  • Need moreeee
  • Breaks the ice when an email or text goes off in a meeting
  • Já me divertiu bastante
  • Few Personalizations
  • Sometimes not responding!
  • Drains battery
  • Size Too Big
  • Not able to put on SD
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«Nice sounds» by Fliedel
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«Great App!»
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