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Best Android Apps

  • Easy to Use
  • Smashes it free kracked apps
  • Greatest market ever! All free even paid are free!
  • Get premium apps for FREE!
  • Get any paid apps for free
  • Works well
  • Many Features
  • Force Closes or Freezes
  • Always crash
  • Bad UI
  • Crashes alot
«Slow download» by Zagaljj
«Still doesn't have a LOT of games/apps» by Zach
«Crash every time I open» by Ash
«The best market.» by Asuna
«Constantly crashing» by Pimpin
«is crashing very often» by Sweatrik
«Best app view»
«great app and useful» by Jacebo
«Great App!»
«Doesn't work well» by Michael
«Needs more apps.» by Ameen
«it is my favourite»
«So much pro's...nice» by Nightliner
«not support» by Aks
«F*****g sweet a** app» by Edman 20
«Constantly crashes» by Lorraine
«Free paid apps» by Squishy
«Great App!»
«Only works on 4g» by Angielh
«Love all the paid apps for free» by Angielh
«Free games»
«Que quedaba» by Jreyesc
«Great apps and games for free» by Mellis
«bad user interface and crashes sometime» by Ankit
«best place to download paid apps for free» by Ankit
«Fc :( fix it» by Putraws
«Supeeeeer cooool appp ever» by Putraws
«Too many viruses.» by Illumininja
«somtimes it restart the download before finishing the download» by Androidgamer88
«good for all» by Androidgamer88
«Needs root» by Squishy
«Bad coding» by Squishy
«Best app market ever» by M712
«Lack of comment option.» by Moh
«Crashes constantly» by Snowbunny
«U can get a lot of apps» by Snowbunny
«The best for Android» by Slater
«AVjdjdjjsdd dajjdxejwwd anda good» by Megadanielmajo
«Best and nice»
«Best way to download paid apps» by Pedjakis
«Good app for what it says» by Pkbc
«It§ allõW ûS Tö îñ§tall aNy aPp frèé...»
«newest version market» by Sylvia
«Very nice and simple» by Mkderb
«I hate forecloseing» by Dubeedogg
«Great App!»
«Works good....» by Friction33
«Lots of apps» by El Duro
«Master of apps» by Psr
«Get all apps want» by Pimpin
«doesnt remove downloaded notification. slow» by Flypaper