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Developer: GingerSoftware Inc.

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One of the simplest and gorgeously streamlined keyboards, Ginger lets you write simply and let's you do it well. If the others have too many complicated features and themes you'll never use, give this big-buttoned keyboard a try.

PRODUCTIVITY Keyboard Replacements

Ginger Keyboard: Emoji, Themes has got the Best Apps Award! Embed it on your blog/website!

★ Ginger '...allows users to send better, less embarrassing texts and higher quality writing' – Techcrunch
A 'Must-Have App' on Google Play!

Improve your writing accuracy & speed with the smartest keyboard around! - 100% FREE

Ginger Keyboard is amazingly smart and transforms writing into a fun experience!

★ Smart – Grammar Check

Try writing ‘He wants his teddy bare’ – see what happens! Ginger Keyboard is the only keyboard that knows how to correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation quickly and efficiently. When the best English grammar corrector is behind you – you get to concentrate on typing fast.

★ Fun – Emoji, Emoji Art and Animated GIFs

If an emoji is worth a thousand words, emoji art is worth ten thousand and animated GIFs are worth a million! Choose between hundreds of beautiful emoji, emoji art and animated GIFs and insert feelings into your text. With Ginger Keyboard, you can add emoji (emoticons) to your writing anywhere you want. Add flavor to your text messages, to your Facebook statuses and even to your emails! Fast typing keyboard with emoji is here!

★ Smart – Predictive Text

Just like other keyboards’ word prediction – only WAY BETTER. In time, Ginger will better understand your writing and will be able to give you even more accurate next-word predictions. You will be stunned by how accurate our predictive text is.

★ Fun – Swipe Typing

Write faster with Stream (swipe-like) typing. Never lift your finger from the device and type three times as fast!

★ Smart – Spell Checker

Other keyboards may try to check and correct your spelling, but their auto-correct feature will make you write something you didn’t mean - A N N O Y I N G. With Ginger Keyboard, simply finish what you want to write, see which suggestions we have and choose whether you want to accept them or not.

Smart autocorrections automatically correct sloppy typing so that you can focus on speed.

★ Fun– Keyboard Themes

Sport a custom keyboard that suits your style! Choose between dozens of beautiful keyboard themes and customize your typing experience!

★ Smart – Smart Bar

Save tons of time by using other apps without leaving your keyboard interaction! Take notes, create events, send emails and chat, directly from your keyboard! You can customize your keyboard with the apps you want to have there for a truly optimized and productive mobile flow.

★ Ginger Page: Tons of Additional Smart & Fun Features!
✔World's #1 proofreader – No software can proofread better! Contextually detects and corrects 6 times more grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.
✔ Advanced rephrasing – Discover alternative ways to rephrase your text.
✔Text Reader – Human voice text to speech lets you hear your text read back to you.
✔Translator – Translate between 58 languages: translate English to Spanish, English to French and many more!

Advanced word prediction and Stream support for –
English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew

Ginger Keyboard input supports up to 58 languages (please refer to our Help Center for the full list)

Support for translation between more than 58 languages – (please refer to our Help Center for the full list)

** Ginger respects your privacy. Ginger Keyboard does not keep any password fields.

Use of this app falls under our privacy policy: **

Size: ~36.4M; Requires Android : 10 and up. .apk

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