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Developer: GingerSoftware Inc.

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One of the simplest and gorgeously streamlined keyboards, Ginger lets you write simply and let's you do it well. If the others have too many complicated features and themes you'll never use, give this big-buttoned keyboard a try.

PRODUCTIVITY Keyboard Replacements

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Ginger Keyboard – The #1 FREE Android Keyboard – Your 'Must-Have' App!
Grammar Check and Spell Check - The only free English keyboard that knows how to correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation quickly and efficiently.

Emoji, Emoji Art, Stickers and Animated GIFs - Choose between 1000+ beautiful emoji, emoji art, stickers and animated GIFs.

Keyboard Themes - Over 100 beautiful keyboard themes!

Predictive Text - Ginger Keyboard understands your writing and gives you accurate next-word predictions.

Entertain - Make the most out of idle time! Play a quick game of Snake, Squash (Pong-like), Copter or 2048 and catch up on the headlines from leading news.

Swipe Typing - Write faster with Stream (swipe-like) typing.

Smart Bar - Customize your Android keyboard with the apps you want to have there. Take notes, create events, send emails and chat for a truly optimized and productive mobile flow.

Spell Checker - With Ginger's free keyboard, simply finish what you want to write, check and correct your spelling.

Ginger Page: Tons of Additional Smart & Fun Features! - Ginger's writing app offers a better way to write in English. Tap into Ginger's powerful editing tools to quickly review your text for any grammar, spelling and punctuation issues with the world’s leading proofreader.

Ginger Keyboard '...allows users to send better, less embarrassing texts and higher quality writing' – Techcrunch

Advanced word prediction and Stream support for – English, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew
Ginger Keyboard input supports up to 58 languages, and supports translation between more than 58 languages.
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** Ginger respects your privacy. Ginger Keyboard does not keep any password fields.
Use of this app falls under our privacy policy: **

Size: ~41.0M; Requires Android : 10 and up. .apk

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