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Thirsty Crow Kids Story (not available)

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Thirsty Crow Kids Story, Draw Paint and REcords
The Thirsty Crow

Once upon a time there was a crow. One hot summer afternoon he became very thirsty and flew here and there in search of water. But he couldn’t find water anywhere.

Now he got tired. It was almost impossible for him to fly any more. He decided to take some rest on a tree. He found a tree nearby. He flew to it and settles down on a branch.

After some rest the crow flew again to search some water. Luckily he found a big glass pot near a village. He had some hope of finding water. He flew to the pot.

When he looked into the pot, he found some water in it. He became very happy. He put his peak in the pot to drink water but he couldn’t drink it because the level of the water was quite low. He tried again and again but in vain.

He looked here and there. He found some pebbles nearby. He thought of a plan. He thought, “I should throw some pebbles into the pot. The pebbles will settle down at the bottom of the pot. The level of water will increase and I would be able to drink it.”

He picked one pebble and threw it into the pot. The water rose a bit. So he threw some more pebbles. Water level rose a little more. He continued to throw pebbles until the water level came up.

Now the water level came up enough in the pot for him to drink. He drank the water. Now his thirst got satisfied. He became happy and flew away.

Moral of the story is if someone tries hard, he will definitely find a solution for his problem.

Size: 2.0M; Requires Android : 8 and up. pname=com.storybook.thirstycrow .apk

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