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Developer: C V Raju - Mary Martin Software Services

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Ezhuthani 2 - Tamil Soft Keyboard
The world's most popular Android Tamil Keyboard.

After posting a basic version of Ezhuthani ( Tamil Soft Keyboard for Android) and receiving an overwhelming response ( more 20000+ Downloads and encouraging feedback), our team decided to spend our quality time to develop to support Tamil99 Keyboard layout with our regular Ezhuthani keyboard ( A unique keyboard for naive users) and suggestion keywords support. We just come out with Ezhuthani Version 2 with Tamil99 and Ezhuthani Keyboard Layouts with full fledged Tamil Suggestion Keywords support with Tamil Reply Message Templates.

We will definitely add more features and more keyboard layouts in the future based on your feedback and encouragements. We tested on major Android phones and Tabs (version 2.2 and above). Use the keyboard layout the way you want, and leave your comment with changes and features you want in it.

Enable Ezhuthani (Tamil Keyboard)

Android Version 2.0 and above

Settings - Locale and Text - Select Ezhuthani (Tamil Keyboard).
Long press in a text box and select input method and then select Ezhuthani (Tamil Keyboard).

Android Version 3.0 and above

Settings - Language and input - Configure input methods - Enable Ezhuthani (Tamil Keyboard) - Go Back - Current input method - Select Ezhuthani (Tamil Keyboard)

Android Version 4.0 and above

Settings - Language and input - Enable Ezhuthani(Tamil Keyboard) - Select Default - Select Ezhuthani(Tamil Keyboard)

Mary Martin Team dedicated this product to the Tamil Community as a Free Android App. Please use and enjoy!

For HTC One Mobiles

1) To Make Input method as Ezhuthani Tamil Keyboard. Theoretically, you can use with any text-box ( SMS, Search or wherever the text-input requires), You can find a keyboard icon at top left of title bar, please click on that.

2) Choose an input method such as 'Ezhuthani Keyboard.'

Mary Martin Team!

Tags: Tamil Keyboard, Tamil Letters, Tamil Unicode, TAM99 keyboard, Tamil Text Input, Tamil Auto Suggestion Words, Tamil Reply Templates, Tamil SMS, Tamil Message, Tamil Dictionary, Tamil Fonts

Size: 4.1M; Requires Android : 8 and up. pname=and.mms.ezhuthani .apk

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