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Jewels Legend is a great game, it plays very much like Bejeweled with the added benefit of playing diagonally as well.

GAME_CASUAL BeJeweled-Like

A classic hexagon Match-3 game launch on Android Market.
Your mission is to win the Jewels Star. Pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level.
How to play:
1: Match 3 or more identical jewels.
2: Match the jewels until the bottom board,the Jewels star will appear.
3: Make the jewels star down to last line to pass the level.
Tips: Eliminate the jewels quickly can get extra scores.

- More than 300 levels and multiple pretty scenes in the game.
- Match 4 jewels can win a bomb and 1 lighting.
- Match 5 jewels can win color-changing jewels and 2 lightings.
- Eliminate 20 jewels continuously at bottom board can win 1 lighting.
- The jeweled bomb can eliminate the jewels around.
- The Color-changing jewel can eliminate jewels in any color.
- The Timing Jewel can extend the playing time.
- The lightning Jewel can eliminate jewels in one row.
- For the chained jewel, you can eliminate the jewels inside to unlock it.
- For the ice jewel, you can eliminate the jewels around to release it.

Size: 6.2M; Requires Android : 9 and up. .apk

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«Dont need internet» by Dontplayme
«Excellent graphics.Addicted already» by Dănuţ
«Loved the gameplay» by Teilboy
«Needs more game modes» by Miki.cis
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«Addictive lol» by Trippy
«addictive game» by Cheysey
«Riesen suchtfaktor» by Darkprinzess66
«Entretenimiento puro,muy divertido» by Vinicio
«Tons of levels hrs of fun» by Desertrose
«Great filler» by N3120
«It give you more time» by Smiley13
«Fun to play» by Dazzzy2000
«Addictive and fun» by Corroded
«Fun game. Very cool.» by Porkins03
«Best Jewels game on Android hands down.»
«Very easy to use» by Carrie
«Awesome!nothing can be better than this app...» by Alexxxpoh
«Slow and diffucult» by Trippy