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ROMaster (not available)

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Developer: 刷机大师

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Brush machine master Android mobile phone system is the product of subversive carefully crafted by the brush master team, for the majority of mobile phone users to provide a simple, reliable, safe, efficient experience. With the brush brush machine master cloud services, instantly make your mobile phone turned gorgeous.
The biggest difference between mobile phone version without the data line connected without computer can finish brush brush machine. Compared to the traditional way of tedious, software without the PC, can be directly mobile phone end brush machine, simple and quick, whenever and wherever possible, want to brush brush brush machine. Master built-in ROM market, can provide massive ROM for download at the same time, the introduction of advanced technology to provide cloud, brush the perfect experience for the user, a new era of open palm brush machine. ( if the mobile phone version is not supported by your mobile phone, please download the PC version )

Size: 2.5M; Requires Android : 5 and up. pname=com.mgyun.shua .apk

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