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Developer: Aaron.

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An all-in-one reference, battery saver, task manager, booster, cleaner, app mover, and so on. While it may do everything it claims, it doesn't do it too well with a clunky interface and low-res graphics.

PRODUCTIVITY System Optimization

Top 18 features to help you easily and efficiently manage for your android smartphones and tablets.
Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve your android phone's performance. It speeds up your phone's running speed and saves battery.

【Top18 features】
1. Monitor status (CPU, RAM, ROM, SD card, Battery)
2. Process Manager (Auto Boost and Quick Boost can distinguish different types of processes thus will not kill fatal system processes and apps in Ignore List.)
3. Cache Cleaner
4. System Clean(Cache, Thumbnail Cache, Temporary File, Log File, Empty Folder, Empty File, Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History)
5. Power Saver(bluetooth, wifi, gps, auto-sync, auto-rotate screen, haptic feedback, screen brightness, timeout)
6. File Manager
7. Startup Manager
8. Batch Uninstall
9. Battery Usage
10. Volume Control
11. Phone Ringtone
12. Startup Time
13. Startup Silent(Menu->Settings->Startup Silent)
14. System Info
15. Widget(Quick Booster[1,4], Shortcuts[4])
16. App 2 SD: Get more free internal phone storage space
17. Batch Install
18. App backup and restore

Size: ~1.6M; Requires Android : 10 and up. pname=com.advancedprocessmanager .apk

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Best Android Apps

  • Easy to Use
  • I Use It Daily
  • Fast & Responsive
  • Keeps phone clean
  • helps optimize
  • Best of its Kind
  • Does What it Says
  • Use it all the time
  • Able to put on SD
  • Clears memory but fone doesnt work any better or faster HTC Merge
  • Few personalizations
«Use everyday» by Terri
«Easiest way to clean cache» by Rachit
«Much memory» by omega HR
«Force close occasionally» by Aroo
«Actually helps» by Aroo
«Easy & fast» by DITZEDNOLB
«need more features» by Prashant
«The best of it's kind» by GMFBOI
«Theres better» by todd
«Dont work well on small scren» by Wey
«Helps a little»
«Tons of options. I use it all the time. It works great.» by 3Nails
«Its ok but could be better for my stupid phone which experia. X10pro»
«The best app» by anam
«Just trying out»
«heel anders» by Zio
«gutes game» by Serhat
«Ok. Funciona muy bien»
«One app, lots of features!»
«Its amazing»
«Ok. Ok. Ok.»
«I guess its ok»
«convenient to use»
«Igazán jól használható» by UDMURT
«Does what it says»
«Frees up memory»
«Very useful»
«Snello e funzionale»
«Best one so far» by Roxy
«Good and useful» by Chiaki
«User friendly»
«It does a lot of functions all in one app.great app»
«Easy and good tool»
«It keeps me updated... Thank you very much...»
«It very useful.»
«It's very good for manage my sg2»
«I don't use it much .» by dougie
«Its great helping»
«Great app cool»
«Nicee and useful» by bombatz
«Very useful»
«Works great lots of options» by Hillaster
«Simple interface»
«The besttttt»
«It let's of» by INCREDIBLE ME
«Très bonne application pour gérez android» by Ttam
«Very useful»
«The android o/s should have just come w/ this installed.»
«really helpfu» by raihan
«I love this app»