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Developer: TrueColor Inc.

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com.qianxun.kankan is currently not available for download from Google Play Store

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1、 整合来自国内众多视频网站的热门资源,每日更新
2、 超大海报浏览,分类排行推荐
3、 提供“播放记录”,快速回看
4、 关键字搜索与精彩合集推荐结合


1. 3G网络可能产生昂贵资费,建议使用Wi-Fi欣赏视频;
2. 高清视频播放需要较高的手机硬件配置支持;
3. 更多详情可访问官网;

Spirited Away film - ten thousand large heart to see
Spirited Away Spirited Away Network Television is ( provides a free high-definition video (movies, TV shows, variety, animation) Watch software.
Spirited Away Spirited Away Network Television is ( guides the development of a network video software, tens of thousands of popular movies, television, variety, animation update 365 days; more traditional search, wonderful collection and Ranking recommended a combination of hunt film system, easy to find love film; also support large posters browsing, a key fast playing, and playing favorites and history functions.

Main features:
1, integrated from numerous popular video site resources, daily updated
2, large posters browse categories Ranking Recommended
3, to provide 'play record', quick look back
4, keyword search combined with the wonderful collection recommended

** Keywords: Spirited Away, Fantastic Art, Baidu, video, high definition, online, on-demand, movies, television dramas, variety, entertainment, animation, animation, tv, movie, show, Sina, microblogging, mobile video, mobile applications, TV, Spirited Away, television, movies, television dramas, variety, animation, animation, player, video, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV, WMV, MPEG
** Related applications: mobile phone, QQ input method, Sogou input method, Baidu, handheld Baidu, input method, UC browser, UCweb, QQ, Tencent, youku, ku6, potatoes, TV Plus, 56, CNTV, Cool, cool, 6 , Sohu, PPTV, android client, everyone, happy network, youtube, hulu, netflix, mobile QQ, browser, Spirited Away Music Box

1. 3G network may have high rates, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi to watch videos;
2 high-definition video requires a higher hardware phone support;
3 for more details visit the official website;

Size: 469k; Requires Android : 7 and up. pname=com.qianxun.kankan .apk

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