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Peasman Run and Jump (not available)

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Developer: Hillocksoft Studio

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Help Peasman Run and Jump his way to the door to the next level!

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A jump and run game in the style of Super Mario Bros, Sonic and similar games.
Peasman Run and Jump is a classic platform game with a nice and fun graphics. The game is similar to Super Mario Bros, Giana Sisters, Sonic etc.

Peasman is a new super hero. He has one purpose - gold. Help him to avoid obstacles by running and jumping. To reach next level Peasman need to find the key and the gate. While traversing levels Peasman can also find the barrel of beer and various types of weapons. After drinking beer Peasman becomes more aggressive. Any animal or other creature wants to meet the drunk Peasman...

Currently there are 21 levels available. The first levels are very easy, created to learn how to control Peasman. Later you will reach more complex levels.

Available controllers:
- move left/right - touch left/right arrow
- throw weapon - click 'throw' button
- jump - click up arrow
- move left/right - tilt device left/right
- throw weapon - tap left side of the screen
- jump - tap right side of the screen

Buttons controller works well only with devices with Multi-Touch. For other devices the accelerometer controller is preferred.

The game is integrated with OpenFeint. You can compare your results (scores and achievements) with your friends.

***Permissions explained***
- Internet - for ads and OpenFeint
- Write external storage - for OpenFeint
- Phone state - for Tapjoy which uses it to give your phone a unique ID and to make sure your Gold is only yours

KW: Super Mario Bros, Paper Mario, Rayman, Giana Sisters, Sonic, Lep's World, Another World, Dragon Rush Pro, Temple Run, Paper Monsters, iRunner, NinJump, Zombie Dash, Miss Jump, Line Runner, Ninja Chicken, Doodle Jump, Donkey Jump, Mega Jump, Cordy, Mobile Andrio, Super Androix, Meganoid, Stardash, Micronytes, blood effects.

Size: 3.2M; Requires Android : 7 and up. pname=com.hillocksoft.peasman2 .apk

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