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because many like me as anxiety and it helps.



Mental illnesses are common in the modern world,Anxiety,Panic attacks or Depression are on the top of the list and they can affect persons of any age, race or religion.
These disorders have a problem; most of the people tend to feel isolated and lonely.
With Anxietinfo App I will help you to finish the problem; you will be in contact and interact with many people around the world that has the same mental illnesses.
Important topics like treatments, symptoms etc, blogging, news, live chatting, videos, photos and many more.
With Anxietinfo App you will be able to interact with stories including mine, make commentaries and receive updates and support.
I hope you to fell better and really live your life with Anxiety App help.
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Size: 1.3M; Requires Android : 7 and up. .apk

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