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Free 98 reviews
1,000+ downloads

Reviewed Oct 04, 2015 :2 days ago.

An interesting puzzle game that forces you to really take every move into consideration . Unlike most puzzle games where you hack through jewels & pictures, you'll be faced with drawing specific paths to the end of a level without repeating yourself. From the start, it's a relatively straightforward premise with a learning curve that takes a steep turn later. If you love a good mind game, then you'll love this one for sure.

Magic Kitchen 2

Free 5198 reviews
50,000+ downloads

Reviewed Oct 03, 2015 :3 days ago.

This match-3 game breaks the typical mold by adding new elements to the genre from adventure & RPG games, so the polished gameplay becomes almost second fiddle. The real meat lies in the adventuring, which allows you to level up your avatar for better power-ups & magic spells gathered throughout the unique levels. One of the best match-3 games around if you're looking for more than just flicking blocks.

Tomato World 2

Free 189 reviews
10,000+ downloads

Reviewed Oct 02, 2015 :4 days ago.

A strikingly nostalgic adventure platformer that rings the same bells as the original Super Mario World. The scope is amazing, spanning tropical jungles with swinging puzzles to frigid tundras where you must avoid falling through the ice. With varied level design & the great controls, there's almost no reason not to own.

Gods In Arena

Free 982 reviews
10,000+ downloads

Reviewed Oct 01, 2015 :5 days ago.

The closest you can get to an intense PVP MOBA style battle game on Android. (MOBA=Mulitplayer Online Battle Arena) Besides the amount of troops you can muster onto the field, you have access to tons of power-ups in the form of Greek Gods, who all have a different buff. The gameplay itself is fluid & responsive, so you'll never lose a battle because of some unfair flaw in the AI controls.